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Sales System

For Manufacturers

      As a manufacturer, you may need to solve some problems as below urgently:

a) If you are a new manufacturer, you have simple products but without Strong Competitiveness. It may be difficulty for you to develop your clients. You have no Stable Sales Channels so that your products can not be sold well.

b) If you may be manufacturer for some years,but your business is hard to expand. Your competitor can get your clients quickly and easily with their good price and better service. you and your clients are only mercenary relationship, not the Long-term Cooperation Relationship, So you have Little Profit and run the company difficultly.

    We develop iPeakBiz Sales System For Manufacturers as below to solve your trouble.


- Manufacturers' Products are synchronized to your Clients' sale websites.

- Clients' Orders are synchronized to iPeakbiz Sales System (Manufacturers' data center).


      We design the system to boost your sales performance using Cloud-Based Selling technology as below :


For Big Wholesalers: 

       As a big wholesaler, You may have thousand of suppliers. You need speed Much Time on managing your suppliers and products so that your Cost Goes Up.

      We develop iPeakBiz Sales System For Wholesalers as below that bases on the Sales System For Manufacturers.


- Suppliers' Products are synchronized to your iPeakBiz Sales System and Clients' sale websites.

- Clients' Orders are synchronized to iPeakbiz Sales System and Suppliers' Data Center.

        iPeakBiz Sales System for wholesalers pluses supplier module which allows your supplier to manage their products. You will save much time in managing the suppliers and their products.


Sample Template For Clients’ Website: