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Free Ecommerce

For Retailers or Small Wholesalers:

Free Website With Products Information - If you are a retailer or a small wholesaler specialized in some products’area such as Shoes or Appeals ect. in your local place. When you open a free website in our system, it can provide the products’ details and multi-photos for your website quickly. All information from your website can be synchronized with the supplier’s website. What you only should do is to sell the products to your customers in your local place, and you need not worry about the stocks, the new products, the changable cost price and so on, which is the duty of your top supplier.

Zero Cost & Zero Risk - Besides, if your supplier support dropshipping, the products will be sent to your customers directly according to their addresses, you need not waste much time and space in packing and sending products, which can reduce risk and save much cost. So you will become very relaxed to do your business.


For Big Wholesalers:

Perfect Sales Tool - As A Big Wholesaler specialized in some products’area in your local place, You may have many retailers or small wholesalers clients. Our system can provide a free website for both you and your clients, So you can provide free website service for your clients, which will attract many other small wholesalers to coorperate with you. Please click sales system to see the detail.

Sample Template For Your Website: